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What if You Could Eliminate the Pain in Your Life Forever…

Kennedale Chiropractic exists to lead people in our community away from needless pain and suffering and away from the use of unnecessary drugs and surgery. Through Chiropractic, we provide a route and the means for all to attain improved health, vitality and happiness.

Dr. Bobbitt featured in Living Magazine.

We want to help you learn how your body works so you can understand what causes discomfort and sickness and discover how your body heals. Our aim is to help you break through the barriers that are preventing you from being healthy and to achieve the quality of life you desire so you can feel amazing, and do amazing things.

We invite you to call (817) 330-3600 for a consultation that will start you on the road to the health and wellness you deserve.

Rapid Release Technology

Dr. Bobbitt KXTD Interview Part I

Dr. Bobbitt KXTD Interview Part II